If you’ve come to this page then you, like millions of others out there, are suffering from heartburn or acid reflux. The good news is that if you are here, then you have already taken the vital first step and have become proactive. Creating a custom heartburn diet for your lifestyle is one of the, if not the most important role in fighting this ailment. Heartburn like many other ailments is remedied best through prevention. In other words instead of scouring the internet in a rush looking for fast heartburn remedies because your are currently suffering from a bout with heartburn is not the place you want to be. Instead, by implementing a good heartburn diet and completely avoiding heartburn all together you are successfully preventing it and have achieved the desired result before it even starts.

What should NOT be on your heartburn diet plan?

First and foremost, before we talk about food let’s talk about cigarettes and alcohol. These two elements are extremely anti productive to your heartburn goals. Cigarettes are not only bad for your health but they can cause heartburn flair ups, so if you didn’t already need a reason to quit there you go. As for foods it’s safe to say that should try your best to avoid spicy foods as much as possible. My step-dad LOVES spicy foods and guess what, he lives off of harmful over the counter heartburn medicines, if he would simply cut back on the spicy foods he’d be much happier. Next, anything deep fried has the ability to cause heartburn. Pretty self explanatory, try and avoid greasy fried foods like fast food as much as possible, any healthy diet will limit fast food so this should come as no surprise. Lastly, things that are highly acidic are very likely to cause a heartburn flair up and hence have no place on our heartburn diet.

What SHOULD be on your heartburn diet?

Every heartburn sufferer should have a few weapons in there arsenal for a flair up. First I’d like to recommend and oldy but a goody and that is baking soda mixed with water. Mixing baking soda with water at the first sign of a flair up and drinking it will help you achieve relief most cases in less than 30 minutes, so try and keep some baking soda stocked in your cabinet as much as possible. Next let’s talk about ginger, ginger mixed with water is a tasty and refreshing drink that I like to consume during dinner. Not only does it taste good and help me get my daily allotment of water but it also works to fight heartburn before it starts. Lastly don’t underestimate the power of simple vinegar mixed with water. This concoction although not very tasty is highly effective in treating heartburn and should definitely be on your heartburn diet plan.