Canned products, processed meats and soups all contain monosodium glutamate or also referred as MSG. MSG are often added in these products to enhance the flavor. But not all people can consume foods with MSG. There are some people who suffer from allergic reaction to MSG. Some of allergic reaction may include head pain, heart palpitations, burning sensations and skin irritation. To prevent these allergic reactions, you should know how to read labels and identify immediately the other names for MSG.

Other Names for MSG

Glutamic Acid: The trade name of monosodium glutamate is sodium hydrogen glutamate because the MSG is the sodium of the glutamic acid. So, when the glutamic acid is listed on the food label, it means that the product has MSG. Likewise, MSG can also be listed as monopotassium glutamate or just glutamate.

Yeast Extract: Every time you see a food label that contains yeast extract, it also means that it has MSG content. However, other names are often used as alternative to yeast extract. Labels that states autolyzed yeast, yeast nutrient and yeast food are also other names that can be found in the food labels. In addition, the name yeast extract what is msg is the most commonly used term used in food labels to avoid listing monosodium glutamate. It is best that you avoid any foods that contain MSG if you have sensitivity to MSG.

Caseinate: MSG is also contained in food products that have sodium caseinate and calcium caseinate. Even names like bouillon, broth stock and malt extract.

Natural Flavors: MSG may also hide from food labels as natural flavors. Variations of natural flavors may be mentioned in the food labels as natural flavorings, natural chicken flavor, malt flavoring, seasoning, spices, natural beef flavor and flavorings. Try to keep away from the foods that contained these terms since it may indicate MSG.

If you suspect that you have sensitivity against MSG, it is best that you also avoid food products that also contain the alternative names of MSG. Consult with your doctor if to know the right treatment to your MSG sensitivity.